Then for a trip to the schoolhouse  


After tobogganing down the mountain, we walked to the "Schoolhouse at Mutianyu" village. You can click on the schoolhouse picture to see their website. The Schoolhouse is a really interesting place. It is an experiment in Sustainable Tourism. Basically, from what I have heard (but not confirmed by checking their website) is that a long time expatriate living in Beijing had a house in Mutianyu village, near a section of the Great Wall. The villagers asked him to give something back to their village, so he began this project.

This red doored home is just one among the village.

If you ever have a chance to go to the wall, I can't recommend enough for you to stop here and have a nice cool drink as the sun sets. It is so peaceful and so relaxing, and the staff are so gracious and interesting that you will find your tiredness evaporating after a long day's walk.

Some of the ongoing projects right now are visible in the photograph above. The schoolhouse is building several more guest houses like the one above, which would be a fabulous place to stay for a family of four.



Some of the riff raff who pass through the Schoolhouse.


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